RSMac Consulting Inc. awarded contract for the 2021 Halifax International Security Forum

October 2021, for immediate release

RSMac Consulting Inc. awarded contract for the 2021 Halifax International Security Forum

RSMac Consulting Inc. has been awarded the security consulting contract for the 2021 Halifax International Security Forum being held in Halifax, NS November 19-21st. RSMac Consulting Inc. is set to provide event Threat Risk Assessments, Security Procedures, Hotel Security, Airport Liaison services & overall Security leadership and advice to the 2021 Halifax International Security Forum.

Owner & President of RSMac Consulting Inc.’s Rob MacLean said “I have been a part of the HISF since 2012 and I’m proud to have RSMac Consulting continue to be a part of the growth of the event. Security measures change and grow each year as the conference grows. The event is one of the few private global events in Canada to host so many high level dignitaries and officials from so many different countries. The conference plays an important role in shaping the response to security challenges & threats around the world. RSMac Consulting Inc is proud to play a role in securing the event and providing a safe environment for participants and the general public.”

With touch points throughout the year, RSMac Consulting Inc’s team primarily starts working in September on several key aspects of the event. RSMac provides primary coordination of information related to security for the event as a nexus point of contact for both domestic and foreign security teams of the participants as well as various Canadian government departments. RSMac also works closely with officials and stakeholders at the Halifax International Airport for arrivals and departures of participants of the Halifax International Airport. And finally, RSMac arranges the security staff and technology to secure venues associated with the agenda of events and coordinates efforts with regional, federal, military and foreign police and security forces.


About the Halifax International Security Forum (https://halifaxtheforum.org/)

The Halifax International Security Forum is devoted to strengthening strategic cooperation among democratic nations. The flagship conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia is recognized widely as North America’s leading annual Forum for the discussion of the world’s most pressing security challenges. Halifax attracts senior politicians – including a significant delegation from the United States Congress – top military commanders, strategists, thinkers, influential journalists, and business leaders from across the democratic world.

Halifax is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.


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