RSMac Consulting Inc. launches Bylaw Enforcement Training

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September 2021, for immediate release

RSMac Consulting Inc. launches Bylaw Enforcement Training

RSMac Consulting Inc’s Learning Centre contributes to meeting the high demand for increased number of Bylaw Enforcement Officers in the Province of Ontario. Through the Security & Private Investigations tab, the Learning Centre has added three new on-line courses:

  1. Animal Control Bylaw Officer Course;
  2. MLEO – Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officer Course; and
  3. Bylaw Officer Core Competency on-line Training.

As of September 15, 2021 RSMac Consulting will now offer the required on-line training certification that will give applicants an advantage when applying for Bylaw Enforcement jobs in Ontario. Certified applicants will be able to start the job quicker and be a more effective employee faster to employers.

These programs were written by former Ontario based Police instructors who served both at the Ontario Police College as well as at the in-service training divisions for both the O.P.P. and Municipal Police service. These courses were designed and developed by these Subject Matter Experts in the training of Municipal Bylaw and Enforcement Officers, Provincial Offences Officers, Police and Special Constables in Ontario.

RSMac Consulting Inc’s Learning Centre already provides on-line training to the security professional with the following courses:

  • Predictive Profiling
  • Principles of Proactive Security
  • Surveillance Detection
  • De-Escalation
  • Security Questioning
  • Travel Safety & Security
  • Security Supervisor basic skills
  • Handling Threatening Calls
  • Private Investigator Training required to obtain your PI Licence.
  • Security Guard Training required to obtain your SG Licence.
  • Use of Force and Handcuffing on=line course.
  • First Aid & CPR/AED

RSMac Consulting Inc is proud to continue to add courses available to those choosing the security and law enforcement industry as a career. Through the Learning Centre individuals or companies can access a wide range of affordable on-line training in the areas of COVID-19 Pandemic, Wellness in the workplace, First Aid & CPR, Health & Safety and Human Resources. Visit rsmac.ca/training for further information.