Managing remote employees remotely

How do you manage a workforce remotely? How do you manage a remote workforce? These are two very different questions that most workplaces are asking themselves.

Why do you need your workforce in the same building? To manage performance? To manage productivity? To manage relationships or information? As it turns out, you don’t need a large brick and mortar space, nor do you need that prestigious downtown address. Sure, you will need some office space, but over the past few months, you have learned that much of your workforce can work remotely.

If working from home is the new normal, then you need to catch up on new policies and keep your workforce happy and productive.

RSMac Consulting is here to help you manage the productivity and performance of your remote workforce. Need support in setting up job descriptions, key performance indicators (kpi’s), or even communication schedules for 2-way communication between the employer and employee? Our consulting will help provide a mechanism to ensure that these issues are handled. Engage and empower your employees even from a remote workspace.

When working remotely, every HR solution is going to be different from business to business or employee to employee. In a brick and mortar workplace employees tend to conform to the company’s “culture” of work. Employees emulate each other and learn when to work and when to take a break, when to slack off a bit and when to buckle down. Employees working from home have a whole different “culture”. Children, pets, contractors, siblings, spouses, Netflix, and neighbors all influence the “home” culture of working from home. In the employer’s building, it is their obligation to inform the employee of their workplace expectations. WHO informs the employee of these expectations when the workplace is their own dining room, living room, or home office? The short answer is YOU, the employer, still have this obligation. An emergency work from home situation is one thing, but making it the new norm means you must change your expectations…are you ready?

RSMac Consulting Inc. will help you to develop policies, guidelines, and tips tailor-made for your business line and your employees. It may be a long time before all your employees are back in your brick and mortar business. Many positions may never come back to a physical space. So, empower and equip your remote workforce with the tools they need to be productive in their own homes.

RSMac Consulting is dedicated to providing your business with an array of services to help improve your performance. Whether it’s event security management, human resources, or labour relations services; our consulting can be exactly what you need to get on the path to success. For more information, please visit http://rsmac.ca.