Employee On-boarding

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Have you been having a difficult time retaining employees? Are people recommending your business as a good place to work? If you are experiencing either of these issues, it may be a symptom of a bigger problem.

The usual mentality when it comes to on-boarding a new employee involves taking them straight from the interview and throwing them immediately into their position without a significant amount of preparation. This type of on-boarding leads to poor “accurate productivity” and poor “employee satisfaction”.  This can lead to a re-training of  bad habits, turnover due to a lack of direction, complacency due to an assumption of lack of caring, and finally employee discontent and poor ratings of your management from your employees.  All of this can cultivate a negative reputation in social media which can make it difficult to find new people.

To ensure that your employees have a smooth on-boarding process, you need a consistently applied “written procedure” that mirrors your company’s culture and outlines the company’s expectations for the time your employee works there.  Employees form lasting impressions of the company they work for during the first hours, days, and weeks they start. If you can start with a strong, steady, supportive & inclusive impression, you will have a positive effect on how your employee treats their workspace. This will affect how they perform, the quality of their work, their loyalty to the company, their productivity and their opinion of your management team.

RSMac Consulting Inc. will assist you in building an on-boarding practice that fits your needs.  From advertising to recruiting, selection, orientation, training, recurrent training, and performance management; give your employees the right tools to be productive and positively contribute to  your business.   Proper orientation on company expectations, laying out a plan for training, job shadow and plenty of times to ask questions will lead to better, happier & more productive employees.

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