On-line Training for the Security Professional

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Where are you in your Security career? You have your licence, but have you received on-site training? You have had some orientation with the security company you are employed with, but not much more? In order to advance your career and be successful, YOU NEED TO DO MORE. Through RSMac’s on-line Learning Centre, RSMac Consulting can help you or your employees with advanced training courses to teach or refresh the basic skills needed for a career in Security or Private Investigation.

Are you an organization that employs in-house or contract security guards and investigators? How often are they learning & training. RSMac Consulting offers employers and organizations access to our Learning Centre that provides on-line learning opportunities for the Security Professional.

Our Learning Centre provides select on-line training courses through suppliers in the USA and Canada. 100% on-line, learned at your own pace and receive a certificate upon completion.

Learn the skills of Predictive Profiling: Critical to every security system is the ability of security staff to proactively assess threat & suspicion. Learn how to detect suspicious individuals and situations, and to think outside the box from the adversary’s point of view. Learn a step by step threat assessment process in the context of the criminal or terrorist methods of operation.

Principles of Proactive Security: Learn about Proactive methodologies for Risk Mitigation & Threat Prevention. This class is presented by a leading security training expert. He takes his students – and you – through an explanation of the nature of a threat and how to defeat it. He explains how to build and maintain a proactive security system that is threat oriented and adversary based.

Surveillance detection: Learn to identify the adversary before the crime is committed. What do an active shooter in Las Vegas, kidnappers in Italy, a truck bomber in Oklahoma, bank robbers in New York and a sexual predator in California all have in common? Surveillance! They all conducted surveillance prior to committing their crime. Learn who conducts surveillance, how they work, the role of surveillance in crime and how to detect and deter adversaries in order to harden (fortify) the target.

De-escalation techniques: Learn how to de-escalate any situation. Now more than ever De-Escalation skills are needed to help both law enforcement and security officers with the skills they need to deal with a wide range of situations. Understanding what’s behind behavior, and learning how to respond – and how not to respond – to angry behavior, is the key. Abundant real life scenarios help illustrate the methods.

Security Questioning: The ability of security staff to interview and question the people they interact with is critical for threat mitigation & security. The Security Questioning Online Course is a unique training module that teaches students how to use one of the most effective yet underutilized skills in security: questioning. We emphasize the human element by empowering security personnel to ask threat-oriented questions. Security Questioning deters adversaries and hardens your target. The course provides a step-by-step process for honing questioning skills. Learning is enhanced with video simulations and interactive exercises.

Security Supervisor: The goal of this Security Supervisor course is to provide the tools and information needed to build, maintain and test a top notch security team. Learn how to hire the right people, train them effectively, build clear SOPs, communicate to promote a positive attitude. Topics include: The Primary Role of a Security Supervisor, How to use Positive Counseling to improve performance, One Minute Management, Situational Leadership Skills, Qualities of a Good Security Officer, Officer Development and Training, Proactive Threat Assessment, How to Engage and Question, Red Teaming for Quality Assurance.

These courses, and more, are key to your personal & professional development in obtaining that career in law enforcement you desire, or that need to get promoted in your current company. Get course certifications on these topics to show your employer and set yourself up for a raise and promotion.

We also offer courses on Travel Safety & Security & Handling Threatening Calls.

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