RSMac Consulting Inc. launches on-line Learning Centre

April 2021, for immediate release

RSMac Consulting Inc. launches on-line Learning Centre

RSMac Consulting is partnering with various training companies to provide select training services to support our core business expertise in the areas of Security & Private Investigation and Human Resources/Labour Relations/Health and Safety.  Founder & President of RSMac Consulting Rob MacLean says “We are trying to provide a learning platform that is economical for both the individual and employers that is easy to use and accessible 24 hours per day to students on any device.  Bringing this suite of training courses available in one place is unique to the industry and one that I hope can fill a gap to Security teams and HR teams alike.  Dealing with people is the common factor in both areas.”


As a licensed agency to provide Private Investigation Services, and soon Security Guard Services, RSMac Consulting has is a recognized training entity with the Province of Ontario to provide the training required to become a Private Investigator and/or Security Guard.  Training meets government standards and is done 100% on-line.   For Security Guards, even our First Aid/CPR/AED training is done as a blended on-line/in-class model.

For those Security Guard and Private Investigators already licenced and looking for additional skills development, RSMac’s Learning Centre provides training in: Use of Force; Predictive Profiling; Principles of Proactive Security; Surveillance Detection; De-escalation Techniques; Security Questioning; Travel Safety & Security; Handling Threatening Calls; and Security Supervisor Training.

Human Resources and Health & Safety Training:

Soft Skills training for supervisors, managers and lead hands are usually not handled well in the workplace.   Employees are promoted far too often due to their organizational skills or proficiency at a task.  Too often the leadership and people skills were never taught or need to be refreshed.  Through RSMac’s Learning Centre, we can offer short soft skills training modules to train or refresh supervisors and managers in areas of: Customer Service; Problem Solving; Workplace Coaching; Time Management; Leadership Training; Respect in the Workplace; Diversity and Inclusion; and Change Management.

For HR Professionals, we offer a refresher courses specific to your needs with a bundled on-line course offering instruction on: AODA; Change Management; Coaching; Communication; Effective Goal Setting; Hiring; Leadership; Personal Development; Problem Solving; and Time Management.

We also offer Wellness training in the areas of: Ergonomics; Office Safety; Preventing Back injuries; workplace stress management; Personal Development; and Effective Goal Setting.   These are coupled with our large host of Health and Safety courses available to meet legislative needs as well as support continued growth of your Health & Safety program.  We cover the following courses under Health & Safety:  AODA; WHMIS; Safety Basics; Fire Safety; Introduction to Health & Safety auditing; Roles & Responsibilities of a Safety Committee; Running a Safety Committee meeting; Workplace Violence; Harassment & Bullying; Slips, Trips and Falls; Job Hazard Analysis; Hazard Assessments; Workplace inspections; workplace accident investigation; Return to Work; Work refusals; and Worker Awareness Training.  We also offer advanced modules for Supervisor Awareness and Maintenance training for the Safety Committee Members.

The courses offered at RSMac Consulting’s Learning Centre are geared to provide affordable and relevant training to individuals looking to increase their skills and knowledge as well as companies looking for competitive training prices and content for their entire workforce.  Volume discounts apply for companies or individuals looking for multiple courses.   RSMac Consulting can also offer companies access to our Learning Management System (LMS) tailored to your needs for 5 or 500 employees with individual or subscription fees available.

RSMac can manage your orientation and on-boarding through the design and implementation of modules tailored to your workplace.

Visit RSMac Consulting Inc’s Learning Centre to discover your path to success and learning through on-line training or contact us directly for a full listing of our training.   We are adding new and relevant courses every month.