Government Approved Private Investigator Training Course

Are you ready to start your career as a private investigator? Do you have these qualities: Professionalism . . . Integrity . . . self driven . . . problem solver. If these traits describe your work ethic, consider RSMac Consulting’s Learning Centre for your needs and begin your Private Investigator career.

You must be 18 years of age or older, have a clean criminal record and be entitled to work in Canada to become a Private Investigator. Education facilities like Colleges and Training Academies are more expensive, making you spend more time and more money than you need to get started in your career. Get the training now to apply for your licence now. You can get your training and apply for the exam as fast as a couple of weeks. Don’t let months-long programs be a barrier to getting into a career of Private Investigation.

RSMac Consulting Inc., is a registered provider with the Ministry of the Solicitor General to provide the certified Basic Training in order to write your exam.

Four main reasons to engage RSMac Consulting to get your Government approved training:

  1. Cheaper than enrolling in a college program
  2. Meets Government standards
  3. 100% on-line, at your own pace
  4. Get guidance from professionals

Before you can apply to a security or investigations company, there are three steps you must take:

  1. You must complete the 50-hour government mandated training and receive a certificate of completion from an established training entity like RSMac Consulting Inc.
  2. SCHEDULE AND PASS THE EXAM with the Province of Ontario. RSMac Consulting will help you with preparatory exams to ensure you are ready. Our website has many links to review for information and guidance to give you the best chance to pass.
  3. APPLY FOR A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR LICENCE from the Provincial Government.

Once you have your licence, then you may work as a Private Investigator. However, this is not something you can do on your own (as an independent). You must work for an agency accredited by the Provincial Government.

Once you are hired you can expect to work files that require you to find information or people. You may engage in different types of case files, to find legal, personal or financial information, perform background checks, workplace investigations, and engage in surveillance activity.

Once you are licensed you may require additional training in investigation techniques, surveillance techniques, conducting an interview and even report writing. Check back with the RSMac Learning Center for on-line courses that can help you advance your career.

What are the advantages of working as a Private Investigator?

Job Security: Skilled Private Investigators are in high demand. Entry level work as an Investigator can lead to many different career choices if you want to go further.

Choice: The investigations industry is vast and full of choice. Internal investigations versus external investigations, office work versus field work, work related issues or personal related issues. You have the option to work in any area.

Strong Salaries: Private Investigators can make over $50.00 per hour in some workplaces.

Personal Fulfillment: Contributing to an investigation and seeing the end results can be very fulfilling. Getting the bottom of a mystery, seeing justice prevail, or simply helping someone with some needed information leads to an internal feeling of satisfaction.

Flexible: Many Private Investigators are setting their own hours, working on the road and have little supervision. The perfect career for work-life balance.

If you are considering a career in law enforcement, consider becoming a Private Investigator. The first step to launching that career is the training required. Contact RSMac Consulting and sign up through our Learning Centre.

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