Conducting Special Events During COVID-19

As the Canadian economy starts opening up and public gatherings start to be scheduled, sporting events, conferences, outdoor gatherings and other special events will start to return.  Most regions and municipalities require an emergency plan outlining your Security, Police, Medical, and Fire procedures. Public Health has always been a priority at events, but now it is extremely important that your emergency plans will address precautions surrounding COVID-19. When it comes time to schedule your event, you should conduct a Risk Assessment survey to identify and mitigate the risks involved in hosting the event. The area of your event, its size, the presence of alcohol, the use of fireworks, etc. can all have an impact on your Risk Assessment.

Risk Mitigation strategies will fulfill government regulations and appease the public to show them you have taken the appropriate steps to keep them safe.

RSMac Consulting can assist you in Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Emergency Management, and even contract management for your special event. With decades of experience in conducting emergency services at sporting and other special events in Canada, RSMac Consulting will tailor-make an Emergency Management Plan within your budget. RSMac Consulting can also provide manpower to manage and execute that plan for your event.

Services include:

  • Threat Risk Assessments with Risk Mitigation recommendations for you to consider
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Security & Police Operation Planning
  • Compliance & Safety plans for Fireworks, Public Health & Road Closure permits
  • Security Guard services
  • Medical Services

Call RSMac Consulting now and get the expert assistance you will need for a successful and safe event.

RSMac Consulting is dedicated to providing your business with an array of services to help improve your performance. Whether it’s event security management for special events, human resources, or labour relations services; our consulting can be exactly what you need to get on the path to success. For more information, please visit http://rsmac.ca.