Using a Licensed Investigator for HR Matters

Who conducts your workplace investigations into HR matters? Do you have an HR Manager or other Department Manager dealing with it? I’m sure they’ve had some training to provide them guidance on HR matters and how to judge if there has been a contravention of company policy, but have they been trained on conducting a proper investigation into harassment or other poor conduct? Writing a proper investigation report? Assessing an employee during an interview? How to conduct background & cross investigations to corroborate found information? How does an HR Manager or any other manager really get to the bottom of a complaint? What is your lack of investigation costing you in the long run when an employee fights you alleging lack of evidence?

If you don’t hire a trained investigator, you are leaving out important information. Most workplaces split the activity of HR matters and internal investigations, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

HR professionals know the rules on workplace conduct, employment standards, accommodation, harassment, and they can interpret when an employee broke those rules. However, conducting a proper investigation is not typically an explicit skill set for an HR professional.

RSMac Consulting bridges that gap and provides a licensed Private Investigator with decades of HR experience.

An HR Trained Private Investigator can provide investigative insight along with HR recommendations and help any employer with issues like Harassment, Intellectual Property theft, time theft, conduct violations, social media violations, workplace threats, Human Rights violations, Employment standards violations, Privacy Violations, Civil litigation and more. Conduct a proper investigation and find solutions that both reduces the risk of the occurrence happening again and brings the incident to a timely and cost effective conclusion.

RSMac Consulting can provide a licensed Private Investigator to assist your HR Manager in the most serious of investigations and provide sound investigative techniques along with HR experience to resolve the matter in the most efficient and effective manner. RSMac Consulting can work with your lawyer or recommend one when necessary.

Call now for an estimate for pay per use or retainer investigator services by an senior HR Professional and experienced licensed Private Investigator.

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