Returning to work under COVID-19 conditions

With the government permitting some businesses to reopen under new Health Canada regulations, it’s also time for your employees to get back to work. That being said, what do you do if your staff don’t want to return due to COVID-19 concerns? With COVID-19 as a potential risk, some staff may not feel safe returning to work, or they may be dissatisfied with the steps you’ve taken to provide safety to your employees.

With all the new accommodations rolling in, are you prepared to make the right decisions for your employees? The Human Resources side of the workplace has several things to take into consideration: “accommodation”, “work refusals”, “work stoppage”, “family care”, “social distancing”, “Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)” and many other issues will be a part of returning to work. Coming up with HR support for all these issues can feel like dodging landmines. In order for you to get the revenue rolling in again, you need to take your employees into consideration. Firing them should not be an option.

RSMac Consulting Inc. can help you navigate these factors and mitigate the risks and demands of your employees. We can help you prepare for all the considerations you need to make when an employee says they don’t want to return despite all the government steps and precautions you, as the employer, have taken.

Employees may have drastically different schedules now. They may have children or family to care of, a lack of transportation, or a confidential medical condition that you must accommodate. There are limits to what an employer must do to accommodate an employee beyond undue hardship.

The duty to accommodate and Health & Safety regulations are available as a guideline. Government inspectors and hotlines will be overwhelmed. Use RSMac Consulting and their 30 years of experience in dealing with HR Matters to immediately guide your workplace back to work.

Call RSMac Consulting now to book an appointment to assess your workplace and provide guidance to you and your management staff. RSMac will help you make the right decisions for both the employer and the employee.

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