Emergency Preparedness

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There were very few businesses prepared to respond to this ongoing pandemic. Whether or not your business had a pandemic plan or written Emergency Preparedness procedures, it was easy to be caught off guard.

RSMac Consulting Inc. can help you update, or create, your emergency plans so you’re better prepared in the future.

Have you prepped your Business Continuity for the foreseeable future? How can your business survive with limited staffing and Health & Safety guidelines during government-enforced or environmental restrictions?  Proper planning & communication of those plans can help you survive and prosper.

There are a few things that your pandemic & continuity plans should cover. When you have an effective Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan, you should have reviewed and planned for these items:

  • Emergency equipment and personnel
  • Employee communications
  • Client communications
  • Transportation needs
  • Contacts for public services
  • Short term & medium-term operations
  • Remote working conditions
  • Public Health Guidelines
  • Employee Health, Surveillance & Assistance

If you can get the planning out of the way now, the next emergency that comes will be much easier to manage. RSMac Consulting is happy to help review your plan or help you create one. Do the planning now so you’re ready to manage when the emergency comes.  Not only a Pandemic, but any emergency!

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