Event Security Consulting & Emergency Management

Are you considering hosting a special event, meeting or conference? Will it be open to the public, invitation only, or will it require tickets? Have you considered the risks associated with conducting a special event where the public will attend? Have you considered the risks to your company/brand at a private event with VIP guests? Depending on the event’s jurisdiction; you may be required to conduct risk assessments, have emergency plans, hire Police and private security, hire first-aiders, close roads, get building permits, hire vendors and more.

Have you considered:

How to protect your brand and venue from unwanted guests?

What to do if someone attending your event gets separated from their child or elderly parent whose memory is failing?

How will you ensure parking and transportation runs smoothly and efficiently so your guests experience a positive experience?

What will you do if your event receives a bomb threat?

How will you keep patrons of your event safe?

What will you do if someone gets drunk at your event and starts to disturb your guests?

RSMac Consulting Inc can assist you in answering and planning for these questions, and even with Emergency Management for your special event. With decades of experience in conducting emergency services at sporting and other special events in Canada, RSMac Consulting will craft an ideal Emergency Management Plan within your budget. RSMac Consulting can arrange for Police, Security, medical staff, parking attendants, metal detectors and much more.

Services include:

  • Threat Risk Assessments with Risk Mitigation recommendations for you to consider
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Security & Police Operating Planning
  • Compliance & Safety plan for, Fire Works, Public Health & Road Closure permits
  • Security Guard services
  • Medical Services
  • VIP Protection and drivers
  • Drone Detection
  • Drone Surveillance
  • CCTV Remote Monitoring

RSMac Consulting is dedicated to providing your business with an array of services to help improve your performance. Whether it’s event security management, human resources, or labour relations services; our consulting can be exactly what you need to get on the path to success. For more information, please visit http://rsmac.ca.