HR Matters in the workplace

Is your HR Manager your Ops Manager? Is your HR Manager the General Manager? Is your HR Manager actually just a supervisor? Are you close to needing a full-time HR Manager, but it doesn’t fit into your budget? RSMac Consulting Inc can help with our “HR Matters” service.  Customized to your business & your HR needs. We can provide services on retainer, à la carte or project based billings to fit your budget.

You cannot afford to let small HR issues grow into major HR problems. Sure, you could probably muddle through, but one early bad decision on an HR file could cost you months of profit, not to mention brand and reputation damage.

With proper, timely and informed decisions from an HR Professional, you can shape the future of your workforce and save on costly mistakes without sudden knee-jerk decisions.

How do you decide when to discipline an employee? Without proper performance management and employee engagement, all you do is get caught in a turnover and pay-out cycle.

Reduce your settlement and “package” payments by properly managing your workforce within established employment standards, regulations & company policy. Federally regulated AND Provincially regulated workplaces have employment standards that are there to help BOTH the employer and employee. RSMac Consulting will assist you in learning to use the employment standards to fit your business, motivate your employees, boost productivity and hit your targets.

When do you need to accommodate an employee’s request?

How should you deal with absenteeism or habitual tardiness?

How do you manage performance in order to keep your employees happy but productive?

RSMac Consulting can provide HR Workplace Reviews including; Recruitment & Selection, On-boarding, Training & Development, Remuneration & Benefits, Performance Management and Termination of Employment.

RSMac Consulting can also provide:

  • Management Consulting
  • Guidance on HR Policy creation/reform
  • Investigation Services
  • Assistance on Merger & Acquisitions
  • HR File Management & Consulting

RSMac Consulting can help provide the link to success and reduce your annual spend on pay-outs. RSMac Consulting can set up a monthly flat fee that includes consultation calls and dedicated weekly or monthly hours to suit your needs.

Contact RSMac Consulting now to set up an interview to tailor make a solution to exceed your needs and fit your budget.

RSMac Consulting is dedicated to providing your business with an array of services to help improve your performance. Whether it’s event security management, human resources, or labour relations services; our consulting can be exactly what you need to get on the path to success. For more information, please visit http://rsmac.ca.