Labour Relations Management

Did you know that a collective agreement is not a “union” document? It is a mutually agreed upon document that guides the relationship and standards in the workplace. It belongs to the employer JUST AS MUCH as it belongs to the Union who represents the employees. Every clause or article has an interpretation that is meant to help both the employer AND employee.   Just like Provincial & Federal “employment standards”; laws & regulations; a collective agreement that spells out minimum wages; overtime rules; hours of work and other conditions like health care; sick time; and who pays for personal protective equipment; but it also lays out how hiring is done, how terminations and discipline are handled, how lay-offs are completed and how performance is managed. It provides a mutually agreed upon framework that allows an employer to function properly. It contains provisions for employee & Union rights AND Management Rights. Too many employers feel handcuffed by the collective agreement and the union. That does NOT have to be the case.

The proper execution and management of a collective agreement is just as important as deliverables to your customer and it can even impact your bottom line worse than losing a customer. All the aspects of a collective agreement need to be managed efficiently to ensure things are kept on track, proper precedents are set, and terms are not violated by either the employee or the employer. Proper management of a collective agreement can save you money, improve your relationship with the union, and even make it easier at contract renewal time.

RSMac Consulting can help your business review your current collective agreement, identify gaps in your execution, and find ways to “optimize” the language you already have but may be misinterpreting. RSMac Consulting can also help you manage your grievances. Timely responses and early resolution can save you money in the long run. Knowing when to pay or when to fight is our speciality. Hasty, uninformed decisions at step 1 and 2 lead only to increased costs, lower productivity and damage to your relationship with the union.

RSMac Consulting can help you with your Labour Relations and Collective Agreement management.

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