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The Learning Centre provided by RSMac Consulting affords on-line training opportunities for individuals as well as companies. In support of both RSMac Consulting’s focused service areas Security and Human Resources, we provide accessible and affordable training in the areas of Security, Health and Safety, Wellness and HR Soft Skills. We partner with several different companies to bring this varied training material to you all in one place and have selected courses that will best fit your career plans or company development plans.

Our certified on-line training courses can help you achieve your potential and find meaningful opportunities to help you excel in your career. Sign up today and discover your path to success.

Our in-depth courses contain professionally created content that complies with regulations and exceed industry standards. Content is 100% on-line and is meant to provide ease of access to users at their own pace on their own device. Once registered, you have access 24 hours/day to your course.

  • Covid-19 Pandemic
  • Security & Private Investigation
  • Wellness
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Resources
Covid-19 Pandemic
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Covid-19 Organizational ConsiderationsWhile all employees should continue to practice physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, this training module looks at additional measures to reduce exposure to the infectious virus as much as possible.$22.59ViewRegister
Covid-19 The Basics of ProtectionThis course will walk you through the basics that may be in your workplace or should be considered when you return to your workplace. As always we will be guided by the Government experts leading us through the COVID-19 protocols as we do return to “the new normal.”$22.59ViewRegister
Covid-19 Material Handling to Protect your employeesWorkplaces may contribute to the transmission of respiratory pathogens, such as the virus that causes COVID-19. It is important for these settings to implement appropriate measures to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19 amongst employees, contractors, and clients. This module will cover material handling guidelines and handwashing.$22.59ViewRegister
Covid-19 Personal Protective EquipmentPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the controls that will be used to protect employees against COVID-19. PPE will be used in conjunction with other workplace controls as recommended by Public Health and the World Health Organization (WHO).$22.59ViewRegister
Covid-19 Protecting yourself outside of the workplaceIn order to stay safe from contracting or passing on the COVID-19 virus, it is important to protect yourself effectively in public and in your home. Learn how to be safe when: fueling your vehicle, getting food, receiving packages, working, going outside and even in your home.$22.59ViewRegister
Covid-19 Signage and ScreeningWorkplaces may contribute to the transmission of respiratory pathogens, such as the virus that causes COVID-19. Signage and screening are two important methods of communication and visual reminders of the controls that are being implemented.$22.59ViewRegister
Security & Private Investigation
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Predictive ProfilingCritical to every security system is the ability of security staff to proactively assess threat & suspicion. Learn how to detect suspicious individuals and situations, and to think outside the box from the adversary’s point of view. Learn a step-by-step threat assessment process in the context of the criminal or terrorist methods of operation.$101.69ViewRegister
Principles of Proactive SecurityThe Principles of Proactive Security class is presented by a leading security training expert, Amotz Brandes. He takes his students - and you - through an explanation of the nature of threat and how to defeat it. He explains how to build and maintain a proactive security system that is threat oriented and adversary based.$203.39ViewRegister
Surveillance DetectionLearn to identify the adversary before the crime is committed. Learn who conducts surveillance, how they work, the role of surveillance in crime and how to detect and deter adversaries in order to harden the target.$101.69ViewRegister
De-EscalationLearn how to de-escalate any situation. Understanding what's behind behavior, and learning how to respond - and how not to respond - to angry behavior, is the key.  Abundant real life scenarios help illustrate the methods.$101.69ViewRegister
Security QuestioningThe ability of officers to interview & question the people they interact with is critical for threat mitigation & security. We emphasize the human element by empowering security personnel to ask threat-oriented questions. Security Questioning deters adversaries and hardens your target.$101.69ViewRegister
Travel Safety and SecurityLearn how to stay safe when you travel for business or pleasure, anywhere in the World. Learn step-by-step how to approach your travel plans and activities and how to mitigate the many threats.$101.69ViewRegister
Security SupervisorA Good Security Team Starts With A Well Informed, Strong Leader. The goal of this Security Supervisor course is to provide the tools and information needed to build, maintain and test a top notch security team. Learn how to hire the right people, train them effectively, build clear SOPs, communicate to promote a positive attitude.$101.69ViewRegister
Handling Threatening CallsLearn how to handle a threatening Call. A threatening call such as a bomb threat is frightening for the person answering the phone and disabling for the business or school that receives it.  Learn what to expect, get guidelines for how to respond and learn techniques for communicating with the caller.$45.19ViewRegister
Private Investigator Provincial Training (Ontario)Prior to submitting an application for your PI Licence, you will need to go through the Ontario Government’s mandated 50-hour training course. RSMac Consulting Inc., is recognised by the Ontario Government as a certified training entity in providing the necessary training to apply for your Private Investigator Licence in the Province of Ontario.$224.87ViewRegister
Security Guard Provincial Training (Ontario)Prior to submitting an application for your Security Guard Licence, you will need to go through the Ontario Government's mandated 40-hour training course. RSMac Consulting Inc., partners with a training entity recognized by the Ontario Government as a certified training entity in providing the necessary training to apply for your Security Guard Licence in the Province of Ontario. This training excludes the mandatory First Aid Training which should be done separately.$111.87ViewRegister
Use of Force and Handcuffing - Online Training CourseLicensed Security Guard's and Private Investigators in the Province of Ontario are permitted to carry Use of Force options depending on their employers policies and client requirements. This course will provde the basic knowledge required regarding the application of Use of Force techniques including Criminal and Trespass arrest, judgement and decision making.$168.37ViewRegister
Animal Control Bylaw Officer CourseThis is a stand-alone course designed specifially for Animal Control Bylaw Enforcement Officers. Add this specialized course to your resume to stand out when applying for jobs in the field of Animal Control. The courses teaches about the Law, powers of an Animal Control Officer and MLEO, laying POA charges and Crown Briefs, Municpal Structure, legislative requirements and Officer Safety.$706.25ViewRegister
MLEO - Parking Bylaw Enforcement Officer CourseLicensed Security Guard's are permitted to issue private property parking tickets in Ontario. This online course prepares you to enforce parking bylaws legally and safety. After completing this on-line course you will be a position to be certiifed by the jurisdiction of the property you work on. Contact your employer for more info and let them know you have the necessary skills.$337.87ViewRegister
Bylaw Officer Core Competency on-line trainingPrepare and educate yourself to become a Bylaw Enforcement Officer in the Province of Ontario. Work for the Province or a Municiplaity/Region. Get a leg up on applicants wihout the training! This online course will teach you the fore functions of what is means to be a Bylaw Enforcement Officer in Ontario.$762.75ViewRegister
Course NameCourse DescriptionPrice (tax incl)Info LinkForm Link
ErgonomicsErgonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently. In this module you will learn about the history of ergonomics, the scope of ergonomics, goals and objectives, legislation, the many different sciences behind ergonomics, injuries, and controlling the hazard.$33.89ViewRegister
Office SafetyDespite common beliefs that the office provides a safe environment in which to work, many hazards exist which cause thousands of injuries and health problems each year among office workers. This module will teach participants how to work safely in an office environment.$56.49ViewRegister
Preventing Back Injuries and MSD/MSIEvery time you bend over, lift a heavy object, or sit leaning forward, you put stress on the components of your back and spine. This course will review proper lifting techniques, ergonomics, types of musculoskeletal disorders, ergonomic hazards, assessing the workplace, and types of controls.$56.49ViewRegister
Stress BustersStress affects most of us. It's how our mind and body reacts to changes. This course is designed to help employees manage stress, whether at home, work, or play. Material covered includes looking at what stress is, symptoms of stress, recognizing the causes of stress, and methods to reduce stress.$56.49ViewRegister
Personal DevelopmentThis module is designed to assist participants by developing a practical set of skills that will improve personal effectiveness both at home and at work. Participants in this course will learn proven techniques that will increase their abilities in key areas$56.49ViewRegister
Effective Goal SettingThis module offers participants a new take on SMART goals and explores the latest research regarding motivation and goal setting. Individuals get off to the right start by creating goals that are truly SMART so they can focus their energy, sustain motivation, and increase the likelihood of achieving successful outcomes.$56.49ViewRegister
First Aid & CPR
Course NameCourse DescriptionPrice (tax incl)Info LinkForm Link
Emergency First Aid and CPR/AEDThis course is designed for small workplaces or workplaces close to medical facilities.  It is a one-day course offering an overview of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for the workplace or home.  The successful completion of this course will give the participant certification in Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED for a 3 year period. On-line blended learning is available at a reduced rate.$141.25ViewRegister
Standard First Aid and CPR/AEDThis comprehensive two-day course designed for larger workplaces, offers first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home. The successful completion of this course will give the participant certification in Standard First Aid & CPR/AED for a 3 year period. On-line blended learning is available at a reduced rate.$186.45ViewRegister
Health & Safety
Course NameCourse DescriptionPrice (tax incl)Info LinkForm Link
AODA Training (Ontario)This course covers the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA) requirement for Ontario. The AODA was developed by the Ontario Government to ensure that the province is accessible for all people and to remove any barriers it can. It requires that every employer and employee in Ontario to take training on the AODA and the Ontario Human Rights Code$16.94ViewRegister
WHMIS (including GHS)WHMIS 2015 is the new standard for WHMIS within Canada that has been updated with the Global Harmonization System (GHS).  By completing this module, learners will be instructed in the requirements for labels and data sheets, how to read a WHMIS label and MSDS, how a product can affect the workers health and safety, and the appropriate safe work procedures for working with chemicals.$11.29ViewRegister
Safety BasicsBy completing this module, learners will gain an understanding in the essential elements and day to day functions of a health and safety program, the internal responsibility system, common workplace hazards, preventing workplace injury, reporting accidents and incidents and how to actively participate in their own health and safety.$56.49ViewRegister
Fire SafetyWhat would you do if you smelled smoke in your office? What would you do if a pan of grease caught fire in your home? If you needed to use an extinguisher, would you really know what to do? Fire Safety covers the basic science of fire, different types of fuels, and how to use a fire extinguisher.$28.24ViewRegister
Introduction to Health and Safety AuditingDesigned for senior management, this module will provide participants with an introduction to the basic process of conducting an audit of your Health and Safety Management Systems. By the end of the training, participants will understand the importance of conducting an audit, how to conduct an audit and how to deal with non-conformities.$56.49ViewRegister
Roles and Responsibilities of a Safety CommitteeThis course covers the Safety Committee's Roles and Responsibilities for Health and Safety.   This introductory course introduces committee members to their duties and responsibilities, details regarding the roles and functions of the committee, requirements for meetings, as well as other important steps in establishing an effective committee.$56.49ViewRegister
Running a Safety Committee MeetingThis module offers tips and resources to effectively run a safety committee meeting and hold workers and managers accountable for recommended corrective actions. In addition, participants will gain an understanding in all of the requirements of a safety committee including duties and responsibilities, meeting frequency, agendas, minutes and making recommendations.$56.49ViewRegister
Safety Committee Members (Maintenance)This program is designed for Safety Committee members who need an efficient and cost effective way to update and/or maintain their skills and knowledge.  This program includes courses that relate specifically to Safety Committee members of any company or organization. $90.39ViewRegister
Workplace Violence, Harassment and BullyingThis course will introduce and define terms associated with workplace violence and harassment. By the end of this module, workers will understand their roles and responsibilities, what to do in violent incidents, and be provided with skills for conflict resolution.$56.49ViewRegister
Safety and The Law (Canada Labour Code)Occupational Health and Safety legislation and regulations sets out the minimum standards for health and safety in workplaces as well as duties and responsibilities of all workplace parties. Participants in this course will gain practical experience to enable application of knowledge to their workplace.$56.49ViewRegister
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Personal protective equipment (PPE) is any device worn by a worker to protect against hazards. Upon completion of this training, learners will understand their roles and responsibilities in regards to PPE, the different CSA standards for PPE, how to select the right PPE for the task and what to do when equipment becomes defective.$56.49ViewRegister
Slips, Trips and Falls - Prevention ProgramThis module ensures that managers have the training and knowledge required to work safely when exposed to hazards and how to implement controls to minimize or eliminate the hazards to prevent injuries for other workers. This module will also touch on falls from elevated surfaces and the provincial requirements for fall protection.$56.49ViewRegister
Supervisor Awareness (Ontario)Under section 8(5) of the OHSA, it is required that appointed supervisors be competent. This Supervisor Competency training program outlines the activities, knowledge and skills that are expected to enhance a supervisor’s performance.$101.69ViewRegister
Job Hazard AnalysisJob hazard analysis (JHA) is a workplace assessment method used to identify and control unacceptable risks relating to the performance of job tasks. This module will instruct managers, supervisors and employers on the benefits of conducting a JHA, how to conduct a JHA and provide mechanisms to ensure consistency among JHAs.$56.49ViewRegister
Recognition Assess Control - Hazard AssessmentThe “recognize, assess and control” (R.A.C.) method of dealing with hazards is actually a specialized form of problem solving. This module will teach participants to use the R.A.C principles in completing workplace hazard assessments to deal with all hazards in the workplace.$56.49ViewRegister
Using the Hazard Assessment FormThis module will teach participants to use the workplace hazard assessment form in conjunction with the recognition, assessment and control principles to deal with all hazards. It is recommended that participants take Recognize, Assess and Control prior to taking this course.$56.49ViewRegister
Accident Investigation This program is specifically designed to help learners understand and interpret the accident investigation program by covering relevant provincial occupational health and safety legislation, workplace responsibilities and the accident/incident investigation process.$56.49ViewRegister
Workplace InspectionsThis course examines the role of workplace inspections in an organization’s overall health and safety program, describes the workplace inspection process, and identifies the necessary components of a workplace inspection report. $33.89ViewRegister
Return to Work Training - ManagersWorkplace injury and illness prevention is a shared responsibility of employers and employees. This module provides an overview of return to work requirements in your province and offers strategies and resources for managers for setting up a successful RTW program.$56.49ViewRegister
Return to Work Training- WorkersWorkplace injury and illness prevention is a shared responsibility of employers and employees. This module provides an overview of return to work requirements in your province and discusses expectations of the worker and their responsibility for participating in a successful RTW program.$56.49ViewRegister
Work RefusalBy completing this module, learners will understand the procedures in refusing unsafe work and what to expect during the process of refusal.$56.49ViewRegister
Worker Awareness Training (Ontario)The worker awareness training program is comprised of three modules which are designed to provide all workers with the basics of health and safety, as it is applied to the workplace. On working through this training program, learners will better understand their obligations, and role to health and safety within the workplace.$16.94ViewRegister
Human Resources
Course NameCourse DescriptionPrice (tax incl)Info LinkForm Link
Customer ServiceThis course covers assertive techniques and positive language to diffuse difficult situations, reduce stress, promote team camaraderie, and create a positive customer experience.$56.49ViewRegister
Problem SolvingThis module is designed to guide participants through each stage of the problem-solving process, from finding the problem to implementing a solution. This helps to ensure that solutions are creative, robust and well considered.$56.49ViewRegister
Workplace CoachingThe key to a return on your employee resource investment is to develop sustainable coaching behaviours to achieve the desired business results. This module will help course participants to effectively coach and bring out the full potential of their coachees$56.49ViewRegister
Time ManagementFrom managing email to juggling multiple projects, this time management module will help you reach your goals by learning how to budget your time wisely and effectively—and help you rethink and reprioritize on a moment’s notice.$56.49ViewRegister
Leadership TrainingIn this course, we outline how to be an effective leader and provide participants with the help they need, participants can return to their jobs with a greater commitment to success with the skills, strategies, attitudes, and behaviors needed to deliver on that commitment.$56.49ViewRegister
Respect in the WorkplaceRespect in the workplace is important as it leads to better employee morale, increased productivity, and a better working environment. This course will review practices of respect, respect in the workplace, respectful communication, and disrespect in the workplace.$56.49ViewRegister
HR Professional - Refresher TrainingThis program is designed for human resource personnel who need an efficient and cost effective way to maintain and upgrade their knowledge and skills.  This program includes courses that are designed specifically for human resource professionals.$84.74ViewRegister
Change ManagementThe training module is designed for anyone looking to make a change and will help learners work through the steps of the change process.$56.49ViewRegister
Workplace CommunicationThis module will help participants learn to get their messages across, in the right way. By touching on the different types of communication and the good etiquette techniques associated with each, participants will learn to be effective communicators.$56.49ViewRegister
Hiring the EASIE Way (recruiting)This module will teach participants how to hire the EASIE way to ensure that potential candidates are great matches for the job. A proven method to assist your hiring process and easily reach out to thousdands of potential candidates without doing much at all and with little budget.$56.49ViewRegister
Diversity and InclusionAn inclusive work environment, one that is built on the principles of diversity and inclusion, can make or break a company. This course will review what diversity and inclusion is, the barriers and challenges a company may face, what constitutes "inclusive language" and how to use it, perspective and goal setting, and respect in the workplace.$56.49ViewRegister

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